About Us

Rags to Bags was born in 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Our story is very simple, we have always liked the backpacks and we have always liked to leave our mark on things. So 4 years ago we decided to try to create a line of technological backpacks and versatile, you can take with you on any occasion. For us, a backpack is like a friend who accompanies you on all your adventures and travels. And that's why we do our best to provide innovative and high quality products to our customers. 

We are sure that our products will satisfy you to the maximum, as we have been established in this market for a couple of years now.

We want to give people the best possible quality in terms of materials, technology and comfort.
Our products go through a series of detailed quality controls before arriving at the end customer. All bags, in fact, are made with top quality production machinery and are studied in detail to guarantee consumers an original product, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for its needs